most recent engagements

Interview: The Perils of Digital Discipleship, Christianity Today’s Viral Jesus podcast, March 2022.

Interview: “Felicia Wu Song on Whether Smart Phones do More Harm than Good,” The Monday Christian podcast, March 2022.

Interview: A conversation with Dr. Felicia Wu Song on personhood, presence and the digital age,” Digital Public Square podcast with Jason Thacker, March 2022.

Interview with Dr. Jeff Show podcast, March 2022.

Interview with Anita Lustrea’s Faith Conversations podcast, February 2022.

Interview: “The Danger and Hope of our Digital Lives,” The Digital Community podcast, February 2022.

Interview: “Substantive Stories,” The Substance podcast, February 2022.

Interview: “Restless Devices: Interview with Dr. Felicia Wu Song,” Devices and Virtue podcast, January 2022.

Interview: “Dr. Felicia Wu Song on How Our ‘Restless Devices’ Shape our Loves and Imagination, and How to Live Faithfully in a Technologically Saturated Age,” New Creation Conversations podcast, January 2022.

Interview: “Recovering: Feature Conversation- Felicia Wu Song,” In All Things podcast, January 2022.

Interview on The Common Good with Brian From and Aubrey Sampson radio show and podcast, December 2021.

Interview: “Restless Devices: The Role of Technology in Our Lives“, Jessup Think podcast, December 2021.

Redeeming Social Media: Christian Reflections on Using (and Building) Social Media More Wisely,” panelist, MIT Octet Collaborative panel, December 2021.

Interview: “Felicia Wu Song, Ph.D.”, ScreenSanity podcast for parents, December 2021.

Interview: “Felicia Song and Digital Discipleship,” Halfway There podcast, December 2021.

Interview: “Restless Devices with Felicia Wu Song,” Thinking Outloud podcast, December 2021.

Interview: “Resisting the Soft Tyranny of the Media Age,” Mornings with Carmen radio show, November 2021.

Interview “Felicia Wu Song: Restless Devices,” The Well: A Gathering Place for Women in Academia and Beyond podcast, November 2021.

Interview: “How to Know When Your Devices are Shaping Your Family (with Felicia Wu Song),” DadTired podcast, November 2021.

Interview: “Felicia Wu Song on Restless Devices – Recovering Personhood, Presence & Place in the Digital Age,” Churchology podcast, November 2021

Interview: “Technology and Wisdom,” Upwords podcast, November 2021

Interview: “Felicia Wu Song on How Digital Media Devices Influence Us and Communities,” Filter podcast, October 2021.

“Digital Practice as Liturgy,” UpperHouse, The Higher Pursuits Project, Madison, WI, October 2021.

“Social Media: Designed for Political Polarization?” Social Justice Scholars program, Loyola University New Orleans, October 2021.

“Digital Practice as Liturgy,” New Frontiers Retreat, Westmont College, October 2021.

Interview: “Felicia Wu Song on How Digital Devices Influence Us and Our Communities” Filter podcast, October 2021.

Interview: “Engage with Tech, or Abstain?” O Ye of Middle Faith podcast, February 2021.

past presentations, workshops, interviews & consultations

  • Stanford InterVarsity Graduate Fellowship
  • Center for Pastor Theologians Conference
  • Praxis Labs
  • InterVarsity Faculty/Staff Christian Fellowship, San Jose State University
  • Christian Study Center, University of Virginia
  • Trinity Presbyterian Church of Charlottesville
  • Anselm House, University of Minnesota
  • Apologetics Canada Conference
  • Trinity School of Durham, NC
  • InterVarsity West Coast Faculty Conference
  • St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX
  • “Religion and Social Media” panel, Religion and Public Life program, Rice University
  • Geneva Campus Ministry, University of Iowa
  • Westmont College Downtown Lecture series
  • Center for Christianity and Scholarship, Duke University
  • North Carolina Study Center, University of North Carolina
  • Faith and Work Conference, Redeemer Presbyterian Church NYC
  • Annual Meeting, Consortium of Christian Study Centers
  • Chesterton House, Cornell University
  • Mars Hill Audio Journal
  • Veritas Forum, Hope College

topics of engagements

  • Digital Life and its Implicit Theology
  • Liturgy and Christian Formation
  • Parenting in a Digital Age
  • Social Media and the Industrialization of the Self
  • Community and Relationship in a Digitally Saturated Society

what people are saying

“Thank you so much for visiting us at St. Andrew’s and sharing with us your thoughts on social media and faith. Many people commented on your approachability and winsomeness, as well as the timely and interesting discussion of how we can avoid being ruled by our devices.”

“Thank you so much for joining our consultation this week. You bring so many important qualities to these discussions, above all your attention to complexities of how different families and communities engage with these matters, and your own personal honesty and vulnerability.”

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