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essays and blog posts

“Four Ways to Do Better when You Want to Deliver a Harsh Comment Online,” Christianity Today’s The Better Samaritan, January 25, 2022.

“Locked In, Cradle to Grave,” Current, November 1, 2021.

academic articles

“Online Product Research as a Labor of Love: Motherhood and the Social Construction of the Baby Registry.” Co-authored with N. Paul, Information, Communication & Society. 2015: 19(7), 892-906.

“Women, Pregnancy, and Health Information Online: The Making of Informed Patients and Ideal Mothers.” Co-authored with J.E. West, L. Lundy and N.S. Dahmen. Gender & Society. 2012: 26 (5), 773-798.

“Theorizing Web 2.0: A Cultural Perspective.” Information, Communication and Society. 2010: 13(2), 249-275.

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